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pre-k's you are watching wbal tv 11. five, local, latebreaking -- this is 11 news at noon. [captioning made possible byconstellation energy group]>> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. ravens fans brave the cold to support the team in a rally that earned some national attention. >> in this super purple friday, ravens fans came out early to show they are true blue. , -- rex cold, but really fun -- >>, cold, but really fun. ask the ravens rally started at
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5:00 a.m. and continued through the mesh "the today show --"the today show." ava marie showed natalie morales what it takes to be a ravens fan. she is part of a super bowl that with al rocher. if the ravens win, i'll will dress up as the ravens mascot. >> morales agreed to dress up as a minor if the ravens -- if the niners win. fans were showing the entire country that ravens spirit is alive and well. rex it is impressive, especially with the snow. >> it takes more to keep ravens fans homes -- home. >> it is great third -- great.
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>> the fans are super fans. they are not just ordinary fans. >> super fans, ready for a championship. >> that was so fun to watch. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake made her wager with the mayor of san francisco , and they agreed they would take the other mayor to town to take part in a day of service, and the losing their will visit the local crab market. the mayor, of course, must where the winning teams jersey. our coverage begins online., where you will find exclusive videos. click on ravens at the top of the homepage.
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you saw the snow, and it did a number on the roads. crews were out treating the roads starting at midnight, but it seemed to have caught everyone off guard. >> i do not like to be out on this. it is not safe, it is slippery and everyone is sliding. >> it really was a busy morning. it was not a ton of snow but it stuck to the ground. here is a photo from sykesville. in queens and -- queen anne's county, schools were closed. for more on the forecast, meteorologist john collins, how is it shaping out? >> the sun is out, the wind has picked up and it is cold air.
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this clipper came through quickly. it was a rather small system. the eastern shore received the most. one inch and a half at stevensville. crownsville had 1.6. around baltimore, it was generally one inch or less. part of carroll county, north near westminster, went over one inch of snow. it was light and fluffy, but it made the roads very slippery. we will talk about the forecast in just a few minutes. >> thanks, john. a heartbreaking store out of frederick story -- two young sisters killed in a house fire, ages three and six. five others were taken to the hospital with injuries.
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we are continuing to follow the story and we will have video tonight. we now know the identities of two teenagers shot in edgewood. the 17-year-old and 18-year-old were shot in cunion park around 10:30 p.m. last night. cousins is being treated at shock trauma where he is in guarded condition. police are looking for multiple suspects. testimony resumes in the murder trial of michael johnson. prosecutors used phone calls and text messages to try to show that he thought about fleeing the country after the death of phylicia barnes, but in the conversations he never confessed to killing the north carolina teenager. jayne miller will continue to monitor the court case and she will have the latest developments tonight at 5:00 p.m.
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we get our first check on the economy in the new year. the january jobs report is out and despite improving signs, the economy shrank at the end of last year. >> january brought 157,000 new jobs and another 100 27,000 not previous -- 127,000 not previously counted, but the jobless rate went up to 7.9%. >> there is a role for more measures to nudge the rate down. >> there was a shrinking economy at the end of the year. >> we are not going anywhere fast. >> the economy is on a seesaw. >> the president can make any excuse he wants but it will not help americans find jobs. >> the president's job council
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expires today. >> the white house will begin a new effort to work with the business community. >> the labor secretary thinks immigration reform will help. >> if we can bring those 12 million out of the shadows, that is over $2 trillion. >> congress extended the debt ceiling, that they have yet to prevent big spending cuts. >> 800,000 civilians will lose their jobs. bases will have to be closed. the grants will have to be stopped. >> that could add to the unemployment numbers announced today. we also expect to get hard figures on how many people are out of work. tracie potts from washington, back to you. >> if you have the flu, stay away from fido. how you can protect your furry
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friends. a traveling band with a lot of heart. heart.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. >> in this afternoon's medical alert, any at owner knows if you
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fall ill there is nothing better than snuggling up with your pet , but flu sufferers should not get too close. >> 14 cats and one dog has been sick and or died from the h1n1 flu virus since 2006, possibly spread by humans. this dr. from organs -- oregon state university said researchers do not know for sure if the seasonal flu can be transmitted to pets. >> the strain that was transmitted originated in the h1n1 flu virus strain, pretty much the same strain circulating now. >> it could indicate a serious virus mutation. >> there is the potential it will be more aggressive.
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>> a microbiologist says the flu is not showing in research to be moving from humans to pets. >> it is possible, that i do not think we have real, hard evidence or cases to show that has happened yet. >> very interesting. still to come, day three of a bizarre hostage situation in alabama. plus, the first words from the family of the bus driver killed at the start of the incident. at the start of the incident. ht
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>> we are now in the third full day that a five-year-old boy is being held hostage in alabama. he was taken off of his in the garden bus after the bus driver was shot dead. we talked to the bus drivers family as we cover the nation. >> a bizarre and intense standoff is entering its fourth day. the lease remain tightlipped that they say the five-year-old hostage is unharmed. they have been talking to the suspect from a bunker that is reportedly equipped with supplies and electricity. police have been able to lower medicine and coloring books into the bunker. the suspect demanded children on a school bus and when the bus driver refused, he allegedly shot and killed the driver,
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identified as charles poland junior. >> every time the child got on my dad was, he would consider them his children. that is the reason my dad took those shots, for his children, but he would do for me and my sister erin >> my -- sister. >> my daddy was not just a hero tuesday. he was my hero my whole life. >> several schools in the area remained closed as the town prays for a peaceful solution. >> today marks 10 years since the explosion of the space shuttle columbia and nasa will honor all 17 people that died aboard the columbia as well as the apollo one and challenger accident.
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officials will be on hand at the arlington national cemetery. in washington, secretary of state hillary clinton is serving her last day in office, and she will say goodbye in a public farewell to employees. senator john kerry will be officially sworn in as new secretary later this afternoon. as clinton leaves office, authorities confirm a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside of the us embassy in turkey. a number of civilians were injured, but how many remains unclear. american and turkish authorities are leading a joint investigation. >> now, your 11 insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> it was really busy this morning. most of the snow was like.
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we have moved offshore. we have some spotty clouds, but we are done with the snow for the time being. let's look at the temperatures. that will get your attention. one, it is cold. 29, annapolis area 33 in ocean city. oakland, nine degrees. factor in the wings, that have gusted at 39 miles an hour. we have come up with a windchill that feels like 15 at annapolis. it feels like eight below at oakland. that will be with us like -- for the rest of the afternoon. here is the satellite image. most of the precipitation is out of the range of the radar.
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we are really done with this. there is a stalled system to the north, explaining the clouds. we have this reinforced cold air. this is moving out of the picture. the next disturbance in montana and wyoming is our next liquor on -- clipper on tap for this weekend. >> look at these temperatures. six in chicago. minneapolis, 16 below. we will not get that cold, but the air is coming out of the region, so it is like blowing a fan in front of a freezer. today, 30-35 for the hype. west winds gusting to 40. that will make the readings feel more like the teens and the
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20's. we are done with the snow. the days are getting longer. the forecast is for wind to gust to 35 with a 4-4 chop. -- four-fort chop. we have 29 not winds at the patapsco. strong winds on the bay. here is futurecast. the weather disturbances moving out of the picture. dry today and tonight. late tomorrow, some snow comes in the picture. too cold for rain. that will be in the picture through sunday. a late-saturday, early-sunday chance for snow. in new orleans, warmer, not exactly warm warm.
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just mild, 65 for the high temperature sunday during the game. here are snow chances saturday and sunday and then another snow chance on tuesday. >> here at wbal we are celebrating the everyday people that work to make a defense in our community with a segment called local leaders and for february ava marie shows us how people are using their voices to spread joy and bring back sweet memories. >> there is nothing like live music to get your toes tapping, exactly what the traveling art show strives -- part -- heart show strives to do. they played in front of seniors. the executive director brought
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the group together as a way to touch people's lives, specifically the senior population. after consulting professionals, he found the best way to reach his audience was through interactive performances. >> we put together an interactive show in a special way. but remember, sing-along. >> bruce thomas has been with the group since the beginning. >> you can see the look in their eye. it takes them back to when they were younger. >> not only does it put audience members in a great mood, it could enhance their quality of life. >> we might play for alzheimer's patients that could not tell you what they had for breakfast, and if you play a song they know, they are singing along, they remember the music.
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there is something magical that triggers the experience. >> ava marie, wbal tv 11 news. >> sweet story. the traveling part show runs on contributions. if you would like to learn more , go to wbal coming up, your maryland lottery numbers and another check of insta weather plus forecast. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> and now you're maryland lottery make a pick three and pick four numbers. >> the maryland lottery is celebrating sunday's big game with purple drawings. >> we are with you on this extraordinary purple friday. here are your pick three numbers. 0. 7. final number -- 3. 073 areas he will have your pick in a moment. first, the cash drawing deadline is tuesday, february fifth.
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written the north is all set and ready to go with your pick four numbers. 8. 1. that is a 9. 2. 8192 -- the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> one last check of the forecast. hopefully, no more snow. >> i was going to ask you if we like what we had this morning? >> i did, but i was not out it. >> we have another clipper coming through saturday. our highs will be in the 30's saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday as well, when we have another one coming through. it really is winter out there
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heard >> we will -- out there.
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